Custom Processing

Pork and Beef Processing: We do not process whole animals, but can refer you to a local butcher. 

We have a commercial smokehouse that can accommodate large quantities of hams, bacons and sausage. Our smokehouse utilizes advanced technology and humidity control delivering a consistent product every time.    

Hickory Hill Smokehouse offers USDA “custom exempt” (labeled not-for-sale) curing, smoking and sausage making services (Bacons, Hams, Loins, Smoked Kielbasa, Italian Sausage, etc.). Curing and smoking whole muscle meats (pork bellies, hams, shoulders, loins) fee is $3/lb. based on green weight (incoming weight). Slicing and vacuum packaging bacon is an additional $1/lb.  Sausage making is an additional charge. Specialty topical rubs can be applied to bacons like pepper & garlic, apple cinnamon or everything bagel seasoning, for a minimal charge. We split or leave smoked hams whole and vacuum package at no additional charge. All products are labeled “not-for-sale” and include your name and date.   Importantly, please make sure your pork or beef is kept cold (less than 41F) and is very clean. Transport in clear bags, or butcher paper in a cooler.  No dark garbage bags or grocery bags, since many contain chemicals.  Please call 518-875-6048 for more information and/or to schedule a drop off appointment, we do prefer the pork to be fresh, not frozen whenever possible.

Venison Processing:

No whole deer, we only take frozen boneless venison chunks and pieces for further processing. We do NOT accept venison that has already been ground. 

ATTENTION Deer Hunters – Please read carefully:

Venison is dropped off by appointment only. Please make sure to bring the NYS DEC deer carcass tag associated with the venison. No out of State venison will be accepted. When you arrive we will go over the menu of options and review paperwork with you.

Use extreme care when field dressing your deer. Clean and rinse thoroughly and prop open the cavity to cool down the carcass as quickly as possible – pack with ice if needed. Quarter and refrigerate if the temperature outside exceeds 41F. Venison will spoil quickly in warmer temperatures. You can age venison (quartered) in your refrigerator for up to a week if outside temperatures are too warm.

Click on the link below to learn more about the items we produce. Minimum amount of venison for each SMOKED item is 15 LBS. At least 5 LBS of venison is required for non-smoked items like fresh Italian sausage, loose breakfast or ground venison, etc.  Pork is added to all stuffed, smoked items typically at a rate of 15 LBS of venison plus 10 LBS of pork for a total batch size of 25 LBS.  Your cost is based on finished weight (the weight of the finished product returned to you). 

Fresh sausage (NOT smoked) is made with 50% venison and 50% pork. Venison is very lean and adding pork is needed especially when making sausage, otherwise the finished product will be dry & crumbly. Please keep this in mind when placing your order – processing fees are based on finished weight.  If you wish to have your venison hind quarters smoked like a ham, please leave the bone in.  Smoked venison hind quarters are delicious and are cured and hickory smoked like our holiday hams – fees for curing and smoking hind-quarters or pieces are based on incoming (raw) weight. 

For sausage making, we process venison that has been boned out (except hind-quarters for smoking), thoroughly cleaned, free of dirt, most blood clots and hair. Please do your best to remove most of the silver skin. IMPORTANT: The meat you bring us MUST BE CLEAN and pass the “smell test” OR WE WILL NOT TAKE or USE IT. We can recommend a local processor to bone-out your deer. Boneless venison is to be brought into us frozen in FOOD GRADE BAGS, we prefer gallon sized zip lock or larger clear plastic freezer bags or whenever possible, vacuum sealed. A gallon size freezer bag fully packed weighs approximately 5/lbs. NO trash bags or plastic carry out shopping bags will be accepted – most trash bags are chemically treated.  We take pride in producing high quality products, however the quality of the venison you provide is directly related to the quality of the product you get back from us.  

We DO NOT comingle your venison with another customers, which takes us more time and labor. This is why we require larger minimums (incoming venison) for each item you select.  Please note processing times vary, but currently are about 2-3 weeks from the time of drop-off.  

Click on the following pdf link to view our current 2023-2024 list of products we make: 

Venison Pricing 2023-2024

***Vacuum packaging and labeling of each package with your name and date is included in all pricing****

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions – we would be happy to review our process with you & give you a tour of our shop! 

Other add-ons:

> ADD Hi-temp cheddar Cheese to any item for an additional .75/lb                          

> ADD dried Jalapenos to any product for an additional .75/lb

Please contact us to schedule a time to drop off your meat.  Please don’t forget to bring the NYS DEC Carcass tag associated with your venison at time of drop-off.  We will not accept any venison without a valid tag.

A $50.00 cash deposit is required at time of drop off.

All custom processing fees are subject to New York State 8% sales tax – Schenectady County. 

We can accept credit cards for custom processing subject to a 4% processing fee.

Thank you for considering our services!

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“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for a job well done!  You processed my venison into both Pepperoni and Honey BBQ snack sticks.  Both are absolutely delicious and your packaging and labeling on the finished product clearly demonstrates your attention to detail and professionalism.  Thank you very much for your processing efforts”.

Amsterdam, NY 
Fall 2023

“Recently had the pleasure of Hickory Hill Smokehouse doing bacon and hams from our pigs. Very pleased with the results! We look forward to going back next year. Very professional, comfortable, and clean environment”.   

St. Johnsville, NY 
Winter 2024